About Us

Who We Are

"Inspiring mind to protect the deprived young and old"

The Puthiya Boomi trust is a charitable and socio-environmental trust aimed at providing food for the deprived elders, empowering the youth through educational and training programmes and preserving the environment through planting saplings and desilting the water bodies. We work with like-minded people to give back to the society part of our earnings for the sustainable livelihood of the underprivileged.

Puthiya Boomi aims at making the world a better place to live and in this effort strives to bring together people from various walks of life to participate in welfare programmes.

Our values include transparency, living with dignity, compassion and equality. Mr Ribai along with his associates started the venture with a small seed capital and they are still the major contributors in the scene. Though, with an aspiration to expand their good work to the adjoining villages and towns they are in the lookout for service oriented donors who want to return to the community.

Safe and secure donations

Our transactions are safe and simple. If you want to be part of our programme you can either join as a volunteer or a contributor. You can submit an enquiry form here and we will get back with more information.

Corporate partnership

Want to fulfil your social responsibility or employee engagement strategies? Puthiya Boomi can help. Join hands with us and we can help you make a difference in the lives of people and the ecosystem. We can find the right programme to improve your corporate giving strategy.

A warm welcome to those noble hearts who wish to participate in our programmes and better the lives and livelihoods of those suffering for food, education, livelihood and a safe environment.

Our Approach

Our Three Goals:

1. Education for the underprivileged : Promoting education in rural areas in various disciplines with an objective to provide holistic and value based education in various levels of study, to create responsible citizens of tomorrow. Our training makes read more…
2. Adopting elders : The role of Puthiya Boomi is to bridge the gap between elders and their much required services. You would have heard of child adoption, but we are different, we adopt destitute elders who have no means to support their food and medical needs. We deliver food at their door step, three-times a day and our unique features is that the fire in our kitchen never runs out. read more…
3. Save the planet : We understand that the world without tree is world without water and oxygen. To make this earth a better place to live, we strive to replenish trees we have lost due to deforestation and restore water bodies that have vanished over the course of time. To ensure water for our future generation, we work in close coordination with volunteers in desilting the water bodies to make our villages, towns and cities water sufficient. read more…

— Founder’s words

The founder member of the trust Mr Ribai along with the trust members leave no stone unturned to fulfil the objectives of the trust. Our trust is registered (enter registration no.) Our trust members contribute 21% of their income to the trust activities and the rest are taken care by our generous donors.

— Our Mission

The mission of Puthiya Boomi is to provide a healthy and self-sufficient society with values and passion. We strive to provide educational excellence for underprivileged students, while offering training to hone their skills to kick start their career. We believe a society where elders live with dignity and self-respect is a positive society proceeding in the right direction. All this is possible only when our earth breathes fresh air, in this context we undertake planting tree saplings and desilting water bodies to help our loved ones live in harmony with nature.

— Our Vission

To make this world a beautiful place to live, free of poverty, helplessness and loneliness. Our vision is to leave a sustainable world for generations to come. To give children the right to education and elders the right to dignified living.