Trust Functions

Puthiya Boomi Charitable Trust

Puthiya Boomi is a Public Non-Profit charitable and socio-environmental development trust designed for a non-commercial motive. The objectives of the trust is to provide food for the needy and promote the welfare of the society in the rural areas for the purpose of education of the underprivileged, promoting awareness on education, promoting tree plantations, eradication of Seemai Karvelam trees, desilting lakes and ponds and creating awareness on rainwater harvesting, providing free toilets for economically weaker sections of the society, promoting self-employment opportunities and free training programmes.

What We Do

— Educational and Training Programmes

Educate a Child
Imparting education and training in various disciplines and taking over maintenance of schools with similar objectives for providing holistic education to the students in pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary and university education. We also venture into managing institutions offering teacher’s training, technical education, vocational training to improve the chances in the job market. We understand the value of knowledge for growth and are striving to establish libraries and labs to improve the communication and personality development of the youngsters.

— Adopting elders

Lives of the destitute elders are pathetic as their age does not allow them to take up menial work for a living. We at Puthiya Boomi identify these elders neglected by their families and provide them with nutritious food. Our kitchen never rests until the last hungry person is fed in the village. The task was challenging to bring these beneficiaries under the purview of the programme. But our untiring volunteers have made this dream a possibility. Our meal programme comprises of highly nutritious food to improve the health conditions of the elder. The programme strives to put an end to starvation in the old people and improve their life expectancy.

— Plant a tree, save the planet

Trees are the source of removing greenhouse gases and increasing the oxygen content in the air. For a stress-free and healthy life, we need plants around us. Trees prevent soil erosion and desertification. Our goal is to plan 21 million trees in 20 years in four districts of Tamil Nadu, India. Initially we have started with 2 acres of land in a village in Thoothukudi and will be expanding our venture during the course of time with the help of sincere and dedicated volunteers. Our team strives to turn our faith into deed.

In a small way we have initiated our fight to preserve water bodies by desilting lakes and ponds in around our village. We understand it is a community effort and calls for more volunteers to take part in the programme. We will be adopting water bodies in our locality and conserve it better. Our goal is to remove pollutants from the fresh water source and create ecological balance by protecting the habitat of various life forms. In this effort we reach out to stakeholders like students and social service organisations to garner volunteers for the programme. We understand it is a joint effort and needs many hands to expand the programme to the adjoining villages, towns and cities in the country.

Karuvelam tree does not allow any other species to co-exist and they are causing an imbalance in the eco-system. The already water starved state of Tamil Nadu is suffering because of these trees growing in large numbers. It is studied that the tree absorbs over 4 litres of water for one kilogram of biomass. It produces less oxygen and birds cannot nest here. It sucks out the humidity from the surroundings, decreasing the groundwater level too. The Tamil Nadu government has pegged the cost of eradication of this fuel wood at Rs.1,500 crore. We at Puthiya Boomi have started this initiative to create awareness about the dangerous of the tree to the ecosystem and are slowing working towards its eradication in our district. Let’s live in harmony with one another and create a balance in our ecosystem.