Which Image Format to Use: JPEG vs PNG?

Because of the size of a PNG file, this format is not recommended for photos as JPG is unless file size is not an issue. If you have a mixture of images that have line art and text, the PNG format will make the image look sharper instead of appearing bitmapped filename extension. The higher levels of PNG support transparency like GIFs do. This makes the PNG format suitable for web images like logos that you want to include transparency and fading effects too. SVG image element files are smaller than if the image were present in a raster format. However, when using SVG, you need to remember that if an object in the image contains many small elements, the size of the file can grow very fast. A potential issue with SVG is that you cannot read only a part of the graphic object.

what is svg file used for

In Squarespace, you can import metadata to uploaded images in galleries, but first you must enable the metadata import setting. Before you upload your optimized image make sure they have all the metadata you do or do not want to be included. Image resolution is described in PPI for display resolution and DPI for printer resolution.

When to Use a JPEG

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  • When you’re ready to save your GIMP masterpiece as a PNG file, start by opening the File menu in the top left of the menu bar and selecting Export As.
  • This will give you access to the full range of resized images we create, while minimizing your upload times.
  • If you upload PDFs, they’ll stay in that file format on our cloud.
  • All modern web browsers now render SVG perfectly, and all serious drawing apps offer SVG export options.

To achieve any of these goals, you require a PNG to PDF converter software at hand, and more specifically, the best one. Watermark Add text or image watermarks to PDF files with our PDF watermarking API.Editor Merge, split, delete, flatten, and duplicate PDF documents with our PDF editing API. JPG images are ideal for posting photos and images online, as they keep file size down without much overall quality loss. They’re also nice for emailing preview images to clients, and for printing artwork and photographs at high resolution. If you’ve ever needed to get a crisp version of an image or print a high-quality photograph, then TIFF file formats are your go-to. Pronounced “jay-peg,” JPGs are designed to minimize the file size of photographs to make them more suitable for sharing and using in web design.


GIF uses lossless compression, meaning that you can save the image over and over and never lose any data. The file sizes are much smaller than BMP, because good compression is actually used, but it can only store an Indexed palette. This means that for most use cases, there can only be a maximum of 256 different colours in the file. I discovered your YouTube channel a while ago and now I use sometimes GIMP and Inkscape for some minor drawings, editing images, logos, etc. I have drawn in inkscape the logo-images of all the subway stations in here and create a map of it.

Ideally, you want to create the SVG image the same size as it will be used later, for example on a website. Although the dimensions of the graphic have no direct influence on the file size, this approach usually leads to better results in browsers. The SVG file format uses these structures to represent visual data. The tags, elements and attributes which can be used and understood by vector graphics editing and viewing programs are determined in the SVG specification.

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