Yes, Hinge shows inactive profiles. Here’s why!

Yes, Hinge shows inactive profiles. Here’s why!

Hinge claims to be the app that was designed to be deleted. And it’s been proven to have true claims so far. Literally.

However, the ‘glitch’ on that part is that a user can disable that status from their account, or the status disappears from their profile if they don’t use the app after 24 hours.

Is it a profile that hasn’t been used in a long while, or is it a profile that hid the ‘last active’ status?

Then it boils down to another question. If Hinge doesn’t want its user experience interrupted, why does it show inactive profiles?

1. Hinge can’t remove or pause your account without your permission.

After a while of not using Hinge – around one month – Hinge will likely send you a notification to let you know that since you’re not being active on the app, they’ll no longer send you notifications.

That’s because if you don’t deactivate, pause, or completely delete your Hinge account, Hinge can’t do it without your permission.

This is some sort of a loophole since Hinge doesn’t have a particular policy when it comes to user activity on the app.

If you don’t use Hinge for two years – yet you don’t bother deleting or pausing your account – then Hinge will take measures: remove your account.

So, unless you’ve got banned on Hinge or two years go by since you removed the app but have not deleted or paused your Hinge account, your account will be roaming around Hinge.

2. Your ‘inactive’ profile will be shown when users run out of better potential matches.

The dating app algorithms work similarly. Most of them tend to show potential matches that are more likely to go well with your preferences.

However, when Hinge runs out of high-quality potential matches, it’ll start showing you low-quality ones so that you don’t feel like you’re left with no options, at least for a while.

In a way, it’s as if these inactive profiles on Hinge are similar to the extra material you have in your garage, it stays there, you see it, but you know it won’t get anything done.

How can you remove your inactive profile from Hinge? Is there any way to fix this?

All you have to do is log in to your Hinge account and either pause or delete your account on Hinge.

  • Delete your Hinge account: Settings > Delete Account > Confirm.
  • Pause your Hinge account: Settings > Pause > On.

This is all it takes for you to do to not let your Hinge profile roam around the app while you have no intention of using it.

If you’re unable to have any access to your Hinge account…

If you can’t have any access to your account – you changed your phone number or you no longer have any access to your email – then there’s something you can do about it.

If you don’t want your old Hinge profile to linger on the app, but you don’t have any access to it, then:

  • Go to Hinge’s support page ‘I can’t log in’.
  • Tap/Click ‘Submit a Request’ at the bottom of the page. Here’s how it looks:
  • Then type something like “Hi, I’m trying to log in to Hinge but I’ve got a different phone number now. What should I do?” Here:
  • You’ll then receive a message that explains that if you don’t have access to your Hinge account you can send Hinge a direct request. Here:
  • Then, on the part ‘Was this helpful?’ you’ll want to respond ‘No.’ That will give you two options: to rephrase the message and to contact support. Here:
  • Pick ‘Contact Support’ and you’ll be able to fill out a form to directly contact Hinge support to delete your account. Here’s what it looks like:

At the ‘What can we help you with?’ part, you must select “Other”, to be able to request your account deletion.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling lazy to go through this process, you can simply shoot an email to Hinge at – make sure to write ‘Hinge Help’ as your subject line!

While you request account deletion and express willingness to provide any information to verify it’s you. Be as polite as possible, and you’ll be good to go!

How can you tell if a Hinge profile is inactive?

Telling if a profile is active on Hinge is fairly easy: they have a ‘last active’ status, they like your profile, their pictures are recent, they included movies and songs that are very recent, etc. Easy.

Well, it’s not that easy, but there are some things that indicate when a profile isn’t active on Hinge. Here!

  • They don’t have an ‘active’ status on their profile,

There isn’t an exact way to tell if a Hinge profile is inactive. Unless you know the person very well and ask them to show you the last time they used Hinge.

Conclusion: If you no longer want to use the app, delete your account before you delete the app.

If you don’t want your account to be on Hinge, you can either pause your account or completely delete it.

So, fellow reader, the only time Hinge will remove an account because the user has been inactive is when the ‘passiveness’ reaches 2 full years.

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